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St Hilda's School

Welcome to St Hilda's

Where Traditional Values Meet a Progressive Curriculum

Tracy Handford

At St Hilda’s we are passionate about developing each individual child, ensuring that our teaching facilitates all learning styles, which in turn enables all pupils to attain their full potential. Our small size and nurturing ethos means we excel at delivering a challenging, individualised and exciting curriculum whereby girls are encouraged to question and take risks in their learning.

We understand that children learn best when they are involved and are given the tools to make their own discoveries. Teachers support and develop young enquiring minds to promote reflection and debate within an atmosphere of mutual respect. We consistently offer ways in which we can nurture the pupils’ love of learning, whilst ensuring our curriculum consistently evolves in order to provide opportunities to develop our girls to become independent learners and to be their best selves.

Of paramount importance to us is that pupils learn within a safe and secure environment. Thoughtfulness and good manners are valued equally alongside the children’s talents and skills, which reflect our commitment to immensely high levels of pastoral care. Ultimately, the children are well prepared to confidently continue their educational journey on to senior school and life beyond.

Sarah Jane Styles MA