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St Hilda's School

Academic Results

Form 6 Class of 2014

Our academic record is excellent and we are delighted to announce the success of our Form 6 girls for the academic year ending July 2014. We would like to congratulate all the girls on their 11+ places.


City of London 1
Haberdashers' Aske's 3
North London Collegiate 2
Northwood College 1
Perse Foundation 1
Royal Masonic 1
St Alban's 1
St Helen's 4
St Margaret's 6
St Martha's 1
Sylvia Young Theatre School 1
Watford Grammar 1

I would also like to congratulate Sophie Sheldon on her scholarship success:

Name School Scholarship
Sophie Sheldon St Margaret's Academic


Summary of Most Recent Scholarships

Over the last five years, St Hilda's girls have been awarded the following scholarships:

Abbot's Hill Academic 2
Aldenham Academic 1
  Design & Technology 1
Belmont Academic 1
Cheltenham Ladies Music 1
Mill Hill Academic 1
Immanuel Academic 1
North London Collegiate Music 1
Northwood College Art 3
  Music 2
St Helen's Academic 3
  Art 2
  Music 2
  Sport 1
St Catherine's Academic 1
St Margaret's Music 2
The Royal Masonic Academic 2
  All rounder 1
  Performing Arts 1
  Sport 1

Summary of Destinations of Leavers

St Hilda's girls go on to gain places at a wide variety of prestigious senior schools, as you can see from the list below for Form 6 pupils of Classes 2008 - 2012:

Abbot's Hill
Cheltenham Ladies
Downe House
Dr Challoner's
Haberdashers' Aske's
Loreto College
North London Collegiate
Northwood College
The Royal Masonic
St Catherine's
St Helen's
St Margaret's
Watford Grammar