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St Hilda's staff

We have a highly qualified, talented and dedicated team of staff who take a deep delight in making the learning experience at St. Hilda's exciting and challenging.

"St Hilda's is like a second home with a kind and caring atmosphere" By Isabel Form 6 

The staff love working in a happy, relaxed, yet productive, environment. The children are enthusiastic and bright which makes teaching all the more rewarding. There are numerous opportunities for professional development as staff are encouraged to attend both external and internal courses. In addition they are encouraged and supported to further their careers with promotion opportunities. 

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"Teachers are well qualified and have a good knowledge of their subject which they share with their pupils. They use resources effectively to promote learning."  ( ISI Inspection Report  2011)

"Pupils are well known to all staff. Form teachers provide sympathetic and strong support and guidance, both academically and pastorally. Relationships between staff and pupils and amongst the pupils themselves are excellent. Pupils are confident that they can ask an adult for support if they have a problem."  ( ISI Inspection Report  2011)