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St Hilda's School

Outdoor Facilities


 Our beautiful gardens are used extensively by all children. We play outside every day in all but the worst weather. Girls are encouraged to play together and take turns with equipment and in games. Large lawns are enjoyed throughout the summer months, there are also benches for quieter moments and shady areas for when the weather is hot. All playtimes are supervised by staff and there is always a First Aider on duty. Our tennis and netball courts are used in games lessons and for inter school matches. 

A quiet courtyard is  used at break times and also used as an outdoor classroom fro Reception. 

The woodland "Spinney" area is used for science,nature studies and art.

Our new "Living Willow House" is proving popular with all the children.

Each summer both the Lower and Upper School participate in Sport's Days which combine traditional races with modern competitions such as javelin throwing and team relays.

As part of the Aldenham Foundation, the girls also have access to the Aldenham School facilities, including their extensive playing fields.