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School Lunches


 We have three sittings each day for lunch at 11.30am for Bluebird Nursery; 12.20pm for the Lower School and 1.00pm for the Upper School. Our meals are all cooked in our own kitchen and each day there is a main course with a vegetarian choice, as well as the salad bar, fresh fruit and pudding. Our meat and vegetables come from local Bushey shops and the bread rolls, and of course the biscuits are made in our kitchen.

I like this school because in my old school we didn't go swimming, and the school dinners weren't as good as Debbie's delicious food!
By Ivy.  Form 5, aged 9. (Started at St Hilda's in September 2010)

Weekly menus are prepared by Debbie and displayed in each form room, outside the dining room and on the web site, so that the children can decide each day what they are going to eat.  Debbie also creates international menus, special event menus and we have days when each form or 'House' chooses the menu for the day.  We regularly invite parents from each class to come and enjoy lunch with us. At Christmas we all have lunch together in the Whitby Hall with fresh turkey from the butcher and all the usual trimmings with fresh vegetables and fruit from the greengrocer. St Hilda's is committed to promoting healthy eating.

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Assorted salads, fresh fruit and yoghurts are available daily. 

Specimen Menu

 Main Course

Main Course 




Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken

Sweet 'n' Sour Vegetables

Noodles/Baby Corncobs

Semolina Pudding & Chocolate Cream 


Fish Portions

Vegetable Grills 

New Potatoes/Garden Peas

Jam & Coconut Sponge & Custard 


Lander Maccaronen

Lander Maccaronen

Roasted Peppers
Bean Medley

 Fruit Flapjack


Meat Pie

 Vegetable Pie

Roast Potatoes
"Trees & Clouds"

 Jelly & Fruit
Ice Cream


Assorted Pizza

Assorted Pizza

Bowl Salad

Golden Krispy Bar