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Emergency Closure Information


We always attempt to keep the school open, no matter what the weather may be like, but the pupils and staff come from a very wide catchment area and we do recognise that conditions may vary from one place to another.

Closure during the school day:

Should it be necessary to close the school early, you will in the normal way receive a text message on
your mobile: please then look at the school website for further information.
If the weather is very bad, or an emergency occurs affecting London and/or the area outside school, the
default position is that we will keep your daughter here until you can pick her up.

Closure before the school day begins: 

If conditions are so bad that it seems best not to open the school in the morning, there will be a
message to say the school is closed on the school answerphone and/or on the website, you will also
receive a text message on your mobile.
The crucial factor in all these decisions is of course safety – so if you feel your particular journey would simply not be safe or sensible in the circumstances, then of course please do not hesitate to stay at home.