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Cornwall 2013

" The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein 

At St.Hilda’s we firmly  believe that each child has the right to be educated through as many diverse experiences as we can offer. To achieve this aim your child, from Form 2, has the  opportunity to go on residential field trips. The residential experiences range from a night at a safe environmental study centre, a three day trip to the Fens, a weekend by the south coast and a four day stay in France. From Bluebird Nursery to Form 6, visits are planned to the theatre, our local cathedral, science lectures, museums, zoo, and local village; these become an integral part of how we teach our curriculum. Our school represents a starting point for a life-long learning process but  access to the wider community gives us the wide palette of experiences to deeply colour that learning experience.

Throughout the year, your child will benefit from the experience of meeting a delightfully wide variety of people and groups  who  visit our school,  these include famous authors, artists, drama and circus groups, local dignitaries, musicians and athletes.